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Smartkortleser for EM med programbar software

Produktnummer: RE531

inkl. mva.

Smartkortleser for EM med programbar software

On desk reader for EM Marin proximity card, 
Certificate by CE and RoHS. 
TRUE plus and play, HID USB port, Need not to install the USB drivers.
RE531/U/R/T can configurate the EM Card output format by its software.

SIZE: 100 x 100 x 30mm
Appxox weight: 200g
Frequency: LF125KHz, EM Marin R/O 
Power Supplu: 5V DC power by computer
Interface Option: RS232/ USB/ PS/2; TCP/IP 
Dataout put: Configurable by software
Display: Opreation responded by LED and buzzer

RFID teknologi EM
Teknologi Berøringfri (RFID)