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Kortprinter - Evolis Quantum2, magnetkoder og chip

Produktnummer: QTM306GRH-BS

inkl. mva.

Denne modellen har tosidig print, magnetkoder, chip koder, usb og nettverk.

Denne modellen har tosidig print, magnetkoder, chip koder, usb og nettverk.

Quantum, the printer to personalize cards in large quantities is now available in its latest version.
Card manufacturers, bureau services, banks, universities and other organizations have the right solution to encode and print their cards and badges in volume:

Fast throughput: 1000 + cards per hour! 
The Quantum printing module can churn out more than 1000 cards per hour in monochrome (full card), and 125 cards per hour in color, mixing and matching high-resolution texts, logos, pictures and barcodes. Single or dual-sided cards? The choice is yours!

A nonstop card production process
2 brand-new detachable and interchangeable high-capacity hoppers store up to 500 cards.
Additional hoppers are available as an option. Cards can be preloaded, and you can cut on those lengthy downtimes.

A reversible encoding unit: fast just got faster
This exclusive feature gives it the versatility to print and encode the same side of the card without having to flip it over.
You can combine magnetic, smart contact and contactless encoders within the same printer.
This encoding unit can be upgraded on-site with almost any smart coupler.

Main specifications : 
Dual-sided printing
Color and monochrome printing
Printing throughput: 1000+ cards per hour in monochrome, 125+ cards per hour in color – full card surface
Encoding of magnetic stripes, contact and contactless smart cards
Supports Windows Vista and XP. MAC driver is available upon request.

Options (factory mounted, to be order with a printer)
Part #
QTM2-OPCW  Springcard Crazy Writer encoding module - Factory mounted  
QTM2-OPCM  Omnikey Cardman 5121 encoding module - Factory mounted  
QTM2-OPGC  Gemcore 410 EMV encoding module - Factory mounted  
QTM2-OPSY  Skyetek SkyeModule M9 encoding module - Factory mounted  
QTM2-OPGP  Gemprox encoding module - Factory mounted 

Additional Packs & Accessories:
QTM2-KT001  Quantum Production Pack
aiming at improving Quantum 2 user operation and reduce downtime including:

1 x Detachable card hopper - Capacity 500 cards @ 30mil/ 0,76mm
1 x Set of 2 cleaning rollers
1 x Extended cleaning kit (50 cleaning cards + 25 cleaning swabs + 40 cleaning wipes)
QTM2-KT002  Quantum Backup Pack
aiming at providing the end-user with critical components replacement kit to avoid production down time or stoppage including:

1 x Quantum printing head kit
1 x Quantum Up/Down encoding module (reversible module)
1 x Detachable card hopper - Capacity 500 cards @ 30mil/ 0,76mm
QTM2-KTCW  Springcard Crazy Writer encoding kit - Field upgradable  
QTM2-KTCM  Omnikey Cardman 5121 encoding kit - Field upgradable  
QTM2-KTGC  Gemcore 410 EMV encoding kit - Field upgradable  
QTM2-KTSY  Skyetek SkyeModule M9 encoding kit - Field upgradable  
QTM2-KTGP  Gemprox encoding kit - Field upgradable

Kortprinter teknisk data:
Merke Evolis
En- eller tosidig Tosidig
Print teknologi Direct To Card
Oppløsning 300 DPI
Innmagasin 500 kort
Utmagasin 500 kort
Kodemoduler Magnetstripe, Kontakt chip
Lamineringsmodul Nei
Tilkobling USB/Nettverk
Medfølgende programvare cardPresso XXS