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Film - Hologrambånd - Evolis Avansia RT Film - 400 print

Produktnummer: RTVA015NAA

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Fargebånd - Hologrambånd - Evolis Avansia RT Film - 400 print

RTVA015NAA - The hologram ribbon for your Retransfer plastic card printer

What is an hologram?

A hologram is an optical device which produces an image:

  • Which exhibits variable colours (rainbow)
  • With variable image content
  • Which can be animated
  • Which appears as stereoscopic

National ID cards, driving licenses and other official documents require very high security standards to fight forgeries and wear. Plastic cards are therefore the ideal solution for any official document that comes with a credit card size. A hologram is applied on the card in the form of a transparent layer, thanks to a special ribbon.


The targeted markets

  • Protection of fiduciary documents: Banknotes, checks, credit cards, tickets...
  • Protection of identity documents: Passports, identity cards, visas, driving licenses, event badges
  • Authentication of brand products: Luxury goods, industrial spare parts, sportswear...


The customers

  • Government organizations: Central banks, Ministries of Interior, Ministries of Finance, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Transport, National Elections Authorities...
  • Integrators: Security printers, credit cards manufacturers, packaging companies…
  • Industry Suppliers: Consultants, machine manufacturers…
  • Brand Owners: Automobiles, Perfumes, Jewelry, Watches, Industrial Parts, Sportswear…

The new Evolis generic hologram ribbon for Avansia

RTVA015NAA - Generic Hologram RT Film

An example of the structure of the Evolis generic hologram ribbon


Different types of security available :

  • Guilloche
  • Morphing Pattern
  • Micro-text Pattern
  • Full Color 3D Object
  • 3D Object with hidden Micro-text
  • Contrast Reversal by rotating

The evolis custom hologram for Avansia

Adding security to your badge can require designing a custom hologram film. Managed as a special project at Evolis, this film will be designed according to your company requirements. This is the guarantee that it will not be sold by anyone else.

Customized hologram will help you to reach a significant security level thanks to its unique and registered design to protect the data against falsification. Any attempt of falsification will therefore become very obvious and visible.

To create your own Custom Hologram, you have to consider several elements such as the type of ribbon, the level of security and features.

Evolis can support you with your projects for secure cards:

  • Guilloche(Fine Line Pattern)
  • Morphing Pattern
  • Flipping Images
  • Micro-text
  • Nano-text
  • Full color 3D-CG Object
  • 3D-CG Object
  • 3D-Micro-text(CG)
  • Hidden Micro-text(CG)
  • Laser reconstruction
  • Contrast reversal by rotating
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