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Kortprinter - Fargo HDP5600 to-sidig 300DPI Omnikey 5121 Magnetstripe koder

Kortprinter - Fargo HDP5600 to-sidig 300DPI Omnikey 5121 Magnetstripe koder

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Kortprinter - Fargo HDP5600 to-sidig 300DPI Omnikey 5121 Magnetstripe koder

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Denne modellen har tosidig print med RFID koder, magnetstripekoder, USB og nettverk.




Omnikey 5121 Produktblad

The HID FARGO HDP5600 ID Card Printer and Encoder is a cost-effective and reliable solution that features a high resolution 600 dpi printing option for superior text and image quality. This all-in-one solution is ideal for government agencies, universities, corporations and healthcare facilities that need to routinely produce large volumes of high definition IDs or multi-function smart cards.

With the new HPD5600, you can print clear, crisp images, text and barcodes – even precise, complex characters such as Kanji, Arabic or Cyrillic are clearly defined and easy-to-read. And because the HDP5600 also features a versatile, modular design, you can field-upgrade the printer as your needs change.

  • High quality resin printing. Print clear, crisp images, text and barcodes.
  • Optional data encoding. Produce highly-secure contact and contactless, multi-function smart cards that address your specific needs and connect to other systems, such as visitor management, physical or logical access control, time and attendance, or cashless vending.
  • Versatile, modular design. The HDP5600 has several field-upgradeable features that can be added to the printer as your needs change. For example, an optional dual-sided, printing module can add company- or employee-specific information to the back of a card, such as when a bar code or digital signature is also desired. Or select the dual-card hopper option to simultaneously produce both employee and student or contractor IDs in a single pass.
  • Simple, intuitive design. Cards, ribbons and overlaminate cartridges load quickly and easily, making it easy to operate and maintain over time.

Only one card printer offers 5th generation re-transfer technology for every need – from sharp and vibrant photo ID cards to multi-functional, high security applications, the HDP5600 delivers on the promise of ultimate image quality and printer reliability, affordably.

  • Side Printing: Single or Dual
  • Print Method: HDP® Dye-Sublimation / Resin Thermal Transfer
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Print Speed: up to 24 seconds per card / 150 cards per hour (YMC with transfer)
  • Memory: 64MB RAM
  • Accepted Card Sizes: CR-80
  • Warranty: 3 years (printer); Lifetime (printhead)

Printer Options:

  • Dual Card Input Hopper - field upgradable
  • Card Lamination Module - single-sided or dual-sided (simultaneous) - field upgradable
  • Smart card encoding (contact/contactless) -field upgradable
  • Door and cartridge locks
  • Printer cleaning kit
  • Magnetic stripe encoding - field upgradable
  • 200-card input hopper - field upgradable
  • Dual-sided printing - field upgradable
  • Single Wire Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface for in-line printing and encoding (note: single wire Ethernet encoding is only available for iCLASS® and contact smart  card encoding)
  • Wi-Fi® module - field upgradable


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