Fargebånd - Datacard (CY-P34OA-DN) - CX330, YMCK, + Retransfer f

Modell: 701742 (CY-P34OA-DN)
På lager: Ja
Produsent: DNP

DNP fullfargebånd YMCK og retransfer film til CX-210, CX-320, CX-330. 1000 print.
Levers med 2 kassetter. Varenummer: CY-P34OA-DN


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), known as the world famous dye sublimation ink ribbon manufacturer, has developed the ink ribbon for DNP CX-210/320/330 and CX-120. Unique lateral card conveyor system makes the ink ribbon capacity larger. RFID tag indicates the various status of the film available at CX-320/CX-330/CX-120 ink ribbon).