Armbånd, vanntett m/Mifare 1K

Modell: WR05
På lager: Ja
Produsent: BUYSEC

Mifare 1K armbånd

Dual Color design.
The round plate is very suitable for Logo printing. The wristband tag is IP68 completely waterproof.

NEW OPTION: open mould with custom logo embossed in the tag.
NEW OPTION: Dual Frequency LF+HF in one Wristband tag.

SIZE: 38.0 x 25.0 x 7.0 mm(Tag body)
200mm (nylon wristband)
Appxox weight: 28g
Frequency: LF125KHz, HF13.56MHz RFID IC
Material: ABS/PC
Housing: IP66. ultrasonic plastic welding
Operating Temperature -25 to 65 (Centigrade)
Storage Temperature -25 to 75 (Centigrade)

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